Lokaal Nederlands


Private lessons for students

Do you study at mbo, hbo or university? Is Dutch not your native language? Lokaal Nederlands has a lot of experience with helping students.
If you get stuck writing a report or if you want to give a presentation more confidently, we help you. Together we make a personal plan for you to work on your own goals.

Improve your Dutch for more success!

Register for our private lessons to work on your own goals at your own pace. Alternatively, choose group lessons and learn Dutch in small groups with a lot of personal attention. It does not matter what your level is. Together we work on your Dutch language skills. The lessons are varied and practical.
Free diagnostic test and advice!

Group lessons: learn from the teacher and from each other

Private lessons: work on your own goals at your own pace

Excursions: learn more about the Dutch language and culture

Students: improve your Dutch for more success