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Our courses

Group lessons in small groups (3-4 students), modern methods to learn Dutch relatively fast.

Individual, completely aligned with the goals, wishes and pace of the student. Personal and flexible.

For students (mbo/hbo/university) who are not native Dutch speakers and who want to improve their language skills related to their studies.

Everything you need to know about Dutch grammar.
Mainly self-study. From level A2.

A0 - C1

Private lessons 
A0 - C1

Private lessons for students

Grammar course

Student reviews


Group lessons

Private lessons

Grammar course

from €30
per lesson

from €40 
per lesson

per course

Ali: ‘I started the lessons with a vocabulary of zero Dutch words. I have learned much. Now my level is good enough to finish mbo 4 soon.'

Sikun: 'What I really like is the flexibility. On different levels there is a variety of different activities offered during the lessons. You work on your own goals and the teacher is happy to help you! She cares that you can move on to a next step in your studies or carreer successfully.'

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